The Best Diet For Pregnant Women

The most confusing and worrisome factor for a pregnant woman is her food and how to maintain the balance between different meals. But the fact is, one has to make a diet chart so that uneasiness and constipation problems could be prevented. 

What to eat and what not to eat?

The best diet for pregnant women is given below-

  • Eat eggs in the breakfast– It is essential to eat eggs in the morning to gain protein rich diet. The consumption of 250 ml Luke warm milk with mom to be formula supplement is quite good.
  • Wake up and do yoga– Early morning you must do yoga in the fresh atmosphere. This is really healthy for the developing baby and your organs. The metabolism improves when breathing exercise is done. This also gives strength and prepares for the labor moments. This schedule must be followed till the last week of the 3rd trimester.
  • During the noon– Around 12 PM in the afternoon after a healthy breakfast, I used to eat a bowl full of fruits which do not include pineapple and papaya. I was little freaky about the milk products so never added yogurt or curd into the fruits salad. But you can try this out if suits your smell and taste organs easily.
  • After 2 hours- During the lunch time, it should be good healthy meal as per the advice of the doctor. I was on protein rich diet so that my body fat should remain balanced but baby weight should increase. Protein helps in maintaining energy levels. Pulses, beans, dry fruit dessert and freshly cooked green vegetables are best meal course. Do not eat corn flour or baking soda products as they create acids and will bloat your tummy restricting digestion process.
  • Drink water– At every one hour try to consume 1 liter water. In this way I used to drink around 14 liters of water which balanced by body fat, skin was ravishing and baby movements were awesome. The level of fluid intake should be higher than solid food items. If you are out strolling with a baby, make sure you have best stroller cup holder to keep drinks to keep you hydrated.
  • Dinner- Once you are done with the evening tea and grain biscuits or the one you like, the time has come for some salmon cooked with steam. Olive oil is rich and very much favorable for pregnant women. Cook all your meals in the pure olive oil to get nutritional values of the food.

The final conclusion:

A physician can also provide you with an appropriate diet program so that you and your child will the two be as healthy as possible. It is always recommended to check the portions of the food that you are having. Avoid too heavy or too oily foods, as they can cause heaviness and breathing issues. Light meals at regular time intervals seem to be the best option for all pregnant women. Hence, every pregnant woman is advised to avoid food that has high spice ratio. So eat healthily and enjoy the mom to be phase. For more parenting tips, check out the baby journey site.